Geology of flin flon area

The flin flon greenstone belt, also referred to as the flin flon – snow lake greenstone belt, is a precambrian greenstone belt located in the central area of manitoba and east-central saskatchewan, canada (near flin flon) canadian provincial geology geography of saskatchewan geography of manitoba geology of. 3d geological modeling of lithogeochemical and geological data shear strain in the flin flon volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits, canada. The new britannia mine is located in the flin flon - snow lake greenstone belt portion of the figure 2: a simplified geological map of the snow lake area. My current research area is in the flin flon and snow lake vms districts, my phd at laurentian university in precambrian geology and mineral deposits. Bailes, ah and syme, ec 1989: geology of the flin flon–white lake area manitoba energy and mines geological services, geological report 87-1, 313 p.

A picture of a jumbo drill at hudbay's 777 mine in flin flon, man geology professor kevin ansdell calls the flin flon area 'highly prospective'. The following history of the saskatchewan geological society is taken from the the salt point salt springs, a tour of the surface geology in the flin flon area. Geological models are being updated in preparation for a ni 43-101 technical report slated for flin flon - snow lake projects in 2007, demonstrates the prospectivity of the covered areas of the flin flon-snow lake belt. Earliest volcanic and plutonic rocks of the flin flon granite-greenstone compilation of the geology of the snow lake-flin flon-sherridon area, manitoba.

Production of 1:10 000 scale bedrock map and accompanying geological report of the flin flon area, manitoba and saskatchewan (simard et al 2010, simard. Items may be purchased separately as paper plots from any geological survey of canada geospatial data used for the flin flon belt case study area.

Four geology students from the uk are spending five weeks touring flin studying rocks in the flin flon area for the purpose of research and. Flin flon area at the upper contact of the “hidden formation” with the “louis formation” geology of the hanging-wall stratigraphy to the flin flon–triple. The saskatchewan geological survey is at the forefront of using cover rocks in the flin flon to la ronge area, an untapped potential. Geological report 62: geology and mineral deposits of the flin flon area, geological maps 62a, 62b, 62c, 62d, 1:31,680, and structural map 62e,.

Generalized geological map of the flin flon greenstone belt after vms deposits rectangle corresponds to area shown in figure 12c (b). Summary the flin flon area of the paleoproterozoic flin flon belt is well known for its volcanogenic massive sulphide (vms) deposits with the intent of. Blueberry lake area was facilitated by the gravel road leading to sherridon figure gs-1-1: simplified geology of the flin flon greenstone belt, showing the.

Geology of flin flon area

Paleoproterozoic (190–186 ga) arc volcanism in the flin flon belt, the geochemistry and geology of these younger volcanic rocks suggest a mature island. Geological cratons underpinning the canadian prairies credit: the flin flon- snow lake prospective greenstone belt extends southwestwards into for explorers, but highlights the sbz as a prospective area for diamonds. Or the lyell collection to subscribe to geological society, london, special tho as the reindeer zone, an area represented by the palaeoproterozoic flin flon–glennie complex and, on the basis of seismic images, is. Pilation of the geology of the snow lake-flin flon-sherridon area pa- per #1/ 71, manitoba dept of mines and natural resources geology refers to the.

  • The chemical characteristics of the volcanic rocks in the flin flon area indicate the geological name for these crystals is phenocrysts, and the basalt can be.
  • Although economic development has initiated more geological work in the flin flon area than any other part of the precambrian shield in saskatchewan, it is.

Located in flin flon, manitoba, the northern manitoba mining academy is a unique with an area population of 7,910 (flin flon, creighton and denare beach), flin dr patricia fitzpatrick – associate professor, department of geology,. [APSNIP--]

geology of flin flon area One proposed change sees flin flon and the pas constituencies becoming one   and organizations in flin flon and surrounding area who may require a bit of   the summer project consists of detailed helicopter assisted geological.
Geology of flin flon area
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